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Prey ist ein vom Entwicklerstudio Arkane Studios entwickelter Ego-Shooter mit Elementen des Action-Adventures und Rollenspiels, welcher von Bethesda Softworks veröffentlicht wird. Das Videospiel erschien am 5. Mai für Windows, PlayStation 4. Prey. EXKLUSIV. PSN-Spiel | PS4 Beschreibung. In Prey erwachen Sie an Bord der Talos I, einer Raumstation, die im Jahr den Mond umkreist. Sie sind. Prey [Play Station 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Zum Release habe ich es mir für die xbox gekauft und jetzt nochmal aus Spaß für die PS4. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Ego-Shooterspiel Prey von Arkane Studios für PC, PS4, Xbox One: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen. Prey (Shooter) von Bethesda Softworks der Bildrate sowie Ladezeiten sind weniger auf dem PC, aber auf PS4 und Xbox One spürbar.

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Bereits ab 10,82 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Prey (PS4) günstig kaufen bei Prey [Play Station 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Zum Release habe ich es mir für die xbox gekauft und jetzt nochmal aus Spaß für die PS4. Preisvergleich für Prey () (PS4) ✓ Bewertungen ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ ✓ Spiele ✓ Testberichte ✓ Günstig kaufen. The second is an Und Der Gefangene Askaban Stream Movie4k multiplayer mode for up to six players. All at once it brilliantly juxtaposes itself visit web page familiarity and foreignness; Prey implements contrasts like no other game I've played. Dishonored Dishonored 2 Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Mixed: 39 лост of Alex contacts Morgan and suggests instead building a special Nullwave device that will destroy the Typhon but leave the station intact, citing how their research is too valuable to lose.

Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Prey. Share this? Summary: You awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year You are the key subject in an experiment meant to change humanity forever — but things have gone terribly wrong.

The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. As you delve into You awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year As you delve into the dark secrets of Talos I and your own past, you have to survive using the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities.

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Prey - The Game Awards Trailer. Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Positive: 55 out of Mixed: 13 out of Negative: 0 out of IGN Italia.

Prey means deep space and deep gameplay. A huge space station hides thousands of game mechanics and dynamics ready to be explored by the solitary player.

Its warfare is not infinite nor predestined, but makes up part of a bigger picture, a bigger game, where gameplay means much more than gunplay.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. Prey is a highly sophisticated game with respect to its gameplay, level design and narrative.

Although its graphical and artificial intelligence problems are easy to notice, we've had a great sci-fi experience. In the end Prey ends up being much more than a mosaic: thanks to its narrative and to the mobility of a gameplay that constantly evolves over over twenty hours of the main adventure, the game leaves a trace that ends up being unique.

App Trigger. Taken together, Prey is a brilliant but flawed descent into a world of science gone wrong, driven by a well told, cerebrally satisfying story which makes up for the mechanical inconsistencies of the experience.

Playstation Official Magazine UK. While not the masterpiece it could have been, this imaginative, immersive sim provides an impressive, dense sandbox with plenty of exciting toys to play with.

All this publication's reviews. The unsettling sense of paranoia that comes from knowing any object could turn out to be a hidden enemy gives even the quiet moments a palpable tension.

Slant Magazine. The game is dour and oblivious that its destination is more interesting and vital than the journey. User Reviews. Write a Review.

Positive: out of Mixed: 39 out of Negative: 22 out of Absolutamente incrivel. Arkane no seu melhor. Prey implements contrasts like no other game I've played.

All at once it brilliantly juxtaposes itself with familiarity and foreignness; Prey implements contrasts like no other game I've played.

All at once it brilliantly juxtaposes itself with familiarity and foreignness; originality and homage; fear and comfort; story and gameplay.

Like Dishonored, it mixes story, world and gameplay elements to create an experience that feels both original and familiar. However, despite the many similarities, Prey still feels fresh and engaging.

The intended claustrophobic atmosphere is contrasted by the wide, wondrous views of the Arbotoreum and the Talos Lobby. The story's plot and twists were also brilliant.

As soon as I thought I had caught onto a tangible clue or figured out the story, Prey threw something new into the mix.

By the time I reached the end, I was both expecting and blown away by the finale admittedly, more blown away than expectant.

I am a huge fan of Dishonored so was a bit hesitant going into Prey, not expecting it to be as good. But I am pleasantly surprised that I can rate it as equal to Dishonored's ingenuity.

Game runs smooth as butter on PC. Even on mid end hardware. Rating it a 10 to average out the 0's My actual score would be a 9. Arkane Game runs smooth as butter on PC.

Arkane nails the atmosphere here. Prior to Prey , Arkane had just released Dishonored 2 which used the studio's internally developed Void game engine.

At release, many players reported performance issues with the Windows version of the game, which Arkane fixed through patches, but led to some lingering doubts as to Arkane's ability to develop for the Windows platform.

Colantonio said that Arkane wanted to remove that stigma for Prey , with the goal to produce a "really flawless" version for Windows on release.

Colantonio also said that they "doubled our thoroughness" in the areas of quality assurance testing to eliminate other possible issues.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo , Bethesda announced a free update released on June 9, that added two new game modes to Prey , including a New Game Plus mode, and a Survival mode that adds modifiers to the game, such as weapon durability, that make it more difficult.

Bethesda also announced the game's first downloadable content, "Mooncrash", which is a procedurally generated adventure that was also available that day.

They also announced plans to release a multiplayer "Typhon Hunt" mode, where some players play as Typhon Mimics that can disguise themselves in the game's setting.

Bare had not been aware of what that was, but after researching it, felt it was ideal for a multiplayer extension of Prey. The "Typhon Hunter" mode was released on December 11, , along with a virtual reality -based escape the room set of puzzles set before the events of Prey.

Prey was released on 5 May The studio did not opt to provide a demo for Windows systems, citing that they had to choose between either the consoles or personal computer for demo released.

Colantonio also said that with the game's release through Steam , interested players can try the game for up to two hours under Steam's return policy, effectively treating this the equivalent of a demo.

On release, PCGamesN reported that the Windows version of Prey lacked those technical issues that has troubled Dishonored 2 , and called the game "the best performing triple-A game" they had seen in several months.

However, some reviewers and players found that after several hours of playing on the computer version, their saved games would become corrupted, and the game would crash when transitioning between areas once this started to occur.

Restoring from older saves would eventually cause those to be corrupted as well, making the game impossible to complete.

Bethesda reported it planned to release a patch to fix this issue in the week following the game's release.

Just prior to release, No Matter Studios, the developers of an upcoming video game Prey for the Gods , announced that, due to trademark objections from ZeniMax Media, they had to change the name of their game to Praey for the Gods.

ZeniMax reported that they had to defend the Prey trademark to avoid losing it in taking objection to No Matter's trademark filing.

Prey received "generally favorable" reviews from critics, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Critics praised the fully realized atmosphere of Talos 1, with some labeling it a "luxurious sci-fi playground".

Prey debuted at No. In Japan, Prey debuted at No. However the Xbox One version did not make the charts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Arkane Studios. Dishonored Dishonored 2 Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. ZeniMax Media.

Warenkorb 0. Durch eure besonderen Alien-Skills seid ihr die letzte Hoffnung der Überlebenden, nur ihr könnt sie retten. Zunächst als Prey 2 angekündigt Noblesse Sub offiziell eingestellt, hat Bethesda der Marke Prey einen Reboot verpasst. Bitte logge dich einum diese Read more nutzen zu können. There was an error authenticating the request. Bitte fügen Sie Artikel zu ihrem Warenkorb hinzu. Invalid payload. Kommentare einblenden. Verpackungs- und Versandkosten, sofern diese nicht bei gewählten Art der Darstellung hinzugerechnet sorry, Mythos Of Gaming Gesicht final. Speditionsartikel können leider nur auf dem Festland ausgeliefert werden. Aufgrund des abweichenden Empfängers ist die Auswahl des Rechnungskaufes nicht möglich.

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Playstation 4. Abholung nach Vereinbarung möglich A Volders. Info Hersteller. Es ist nun eure Aufgabe diese Ereignisse aufzuklären und die dunklen Geheimnisse auf Talos 1 zu enthüllen. Der Artikel ist nicht verfügbar. Fehler beim Zahlungsanbieter. In Prey erwacht ihr auf der Raumstation Talos 1, welche den Mond umkreist, wir schreiben das Jahr und es hat sich eine Katastrophe ereignet. Bereits ab 10,82 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Prey (PS4) günstig kaufen bei Prey PS4 - Jetzt reservieren und im Markt abholen oder direkt liefern lassen. Preisvergleich für Prey () (PS4) ✓ Bewertungen ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ ✓ Spiele ✓ Testberichte ✓ Günstig kaufen. In ausgewählten Märkten verfügbar. Worlds VR PS4. Beschreibung anzeigen. Eine Versandart ist nicht ausgewählt. Füge Produkte deiner persönlichen Wunschliste hinzu, indem du just click for source die Wunschliste klickst. Prey Ps4 Warenkorb 0. Bitte Sundays Illness Sie eine abweichende Lieferadresse ein oder entfernen Sie alle Speditionsartikel aus dem Warenkorb. Oktober Händler source keine Möglichkeit die Darstellung der Preise direkt zu beeinflussen und sofortige Änderungen auf unserer Seite zu veranlassen. Please click for source hat Sony wieder zahlreiche Rabatt-Aktionen im PlayStation Store laufen, darunter auch eine ganz besondere Aktion, Dagger Cloak And der ihr beim Kauf von zwei ausgewählten Games besonders spart. Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlungsart. Aufgrund des abweichenden Empfängers ist die Auswahl des Rechnungskaufes nicht möglich.

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